Theremotion is a music instrument inspired by the Theremin

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👐 Theremotion is a virtual instrument inspired by the Theremin.

Just like a Theremin, the position of your hand in the air controls the pitch and volume of the sound. However, instead of being controlled with a pure analog signal, the Theremotion is controled through digital hand tracking. This enables additional dimensions to control the sound. With specific hand motions, you can control a low pass filter, a guitar sound, make a chord. You can even make the instrument snap to a scale, making it easier to control than a Theremin.

The Theremotion cannot replace a Theremin but it is intended to be a twist around the idea of the Theremin that is more fun and maybe easier to learn. It is however not as sensitive as a Theremin, and usual Theremin finger techniques don’t apply to the Theremotion.

⚠️ The motions have changed since this video, don’t rely on it to learn how to play.



A left handed mode is also included.


In order to play with Theremotion you need a Leap Motion Controller and a compatible Windows PC.

First of all, install the Gemini version of Ultraleap’s tracking software.

Lastly, download and install Theremotion from the link at the top of the page. For alternative downloads, refer to the latest release page.


Leap Motion Controller Faust Rust

The hand tracking is provided by Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller.

The sound generation is created with Grame’s Faust.

The program is built with Rust.